Craig David, "Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry)"

수록앨범 : The Story Goes... (2005)


오랜만에 따끈따끈(?)한 신곡을 소개해보겠따. ㅋ
크레이그 데이비드가 2년 반만에 달착지근한 발라드가 많이 수록된 새 앨범을 냈는데, 정작 런던에서는 시큰둥한 반응이...
첫 싱글 All The Way도 그렇고 앨범차트에서도 맥을 못 추고 있다. ㅡㅜ
내 귀엔 히트할 만한 넘버들이 많이 있는데... 시대의 조류를 헤쳐 나가기엔 이제 약발이 다 된 건가?



Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry)
Music and lyrics by Craig David and Mark Hill

For all the years that I've known you baby
I can't figure out the reason why lately
You've been acting so cold (didn't you say)
If there's a problem we should work it out
So why you giving me the cold shoulder now
Like you don't even want to talk to me girl (tell me)
OK I know I was late again
I made you mad and dinners thrown in (the bin)
But why you making this thing drag on so long (I wanna know)
I'm sick and tired of this silly game
Don't think that I'm the only one here to blame
It's not me who's been going 'round slamming doors

That's when you turned and said to me
I don't care babe who's right or wrong
I just don't love you no more

Rain outside my window pouring down
What now, you're gone, my fault, I'm sorry
Feeling like a fool 'cause I let you down
Now it's too late to turn it around
I'm sorry for the tears I've made you cry
I guess this time it really is goodbye
You made it clear when you said
I just don't love you no more

I know that I've made a few mistakes
But never thought that things would turn out this way
Doesn't make sense to me now that you're gone (I see it all so clearly)
Me at the door with you in a state
Giving my reasons but as you look away
I can see a tear roll down your face

  Repeat second verse


Those simple words hit so hard
They turned my whole world upside down
Girl you caught me completely off guard
On that night you said to me
I just don't love you no more

  Chorus until fade