Jimmy Cliff featuring Lebo M., "Hakuna Matata"

수록앨범 : Rhythm Of The Pride Lands (1995) / "The Lion King" Soundtrack Special Limited Edition (2003)


벅스를 돌아다니다가 우연히 라이온킹 사운드트랙도 SE가 발매된 걸 알 게 되었다.
게다가 그토록 찾아 헤메던 Rhythm of the Pride Lands까지 끼워서 2CD로~ ㅇㅎㅎ
새로 추가된 The Morning Report는 별 볼 일 없지만 Can You Feel the Love Tonight의 리믹스는 훌륭하다. 오홋 -
들썩들썩한 리듬이 계절과는 약간 안 맞는 감은 있지만 하쿠나 마타타, 걱정 없이 살아봅시다아아아아ㅡ



Hakuna Matata
Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Hakuna Matata! Hem hollolo iyo
Hakuna Matata! Hem may'babo

When I was a cool young one
When he was a cool young one
I worked in a colony paying my dues
Accepting without question the prevailing views
That a young man's life was one long grind
Diggin' holes, standin' guard till it crossed my mind

I was wrong
All along
All that I needed
Was to have heeded

Hakuna Matata
What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata
Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries
For the rest of your days
It's a problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata

When I was a shallow youth
When he was a shallow youth
Cool calm reflection I was never that good
I was a pawn in the game
I saw no trees for the wood
My future stretched behind me
I was over the hill
I put my best foot forward
But the other one stood still

Take my word
I have heard
All that I needed
Was to have heeded


Hakuna Matata! Hem hollolo iyo
Hakuna Matata! Hem may'babo

Hakuna Matata
I hope we have conveyed
You don't have to bust a gut in the sun
It's much cooler in the shade
Some say it's just a waste of time
But they don't realize
That view is nothing but a crime
We are creatures worldly wise

  Chorus until fade